via ferrata tours

Mountain's Iron Path

Via Ferrata is an EXCITING way of traversing otherwise dangerous paths without the risk of unprotected climbing or the need of climbing gear.

It is the best way for inexperienced ADVENTURERS to get an “intro” into rock climbing by simply hiking on the steep scrambling paths, while enjoying dramatic sceneries.

As mentioned previously, this is an adventurous, sometimes physically demanding activity, but TOTALLY SAFE. Alongside the rocky wall is a metal cable which is fixed into the wall  periodically ( 1-5m) .

You secure yourself  to the cable by a climbing lunge with two carabines. This limits any potential fall. You can hold the cable and use it to aid the ascent. On some of the Via Ferrata routes you can find elements such as: iron rungs, carved steps, bridges etc. These elements will aid you to climb the route.

This is a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of the mountains and to venture on paths not a lot of travellers get to experience. And more than that, it is a chance for you to face your fear of heights and say “I DID IT”.