JUN 05-JUN 06, 2021


Sea kayak, Camp & Beach Party


Includes Legal

VAT 24%


Poros is an island in the Saronic Gulf, near Athens. It is small and green, picturesque, always cheerful with beautiful neoclassical country. It is full of pines and olives and around it like lace, beautiful coves and dreamy beaches are formed. The tiny “Chora” port and capital of the island, retains its neoclassicaal charm.

Poros is an ideal destination for kayaking exploration. Rowing in Poros by kayak, you can admire the picturesque country with the historic “clock” dominating the highest peak of the hill. To wonder about boats coming and going in the strait and all over the bay. Look at the green slopes of Adera and the famous Lemon Forest, which has been declared a protected area. To visit the island of Bourtzi. Explore its coastline bit by bit and enjoy its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, where the pines reach the sea ..


Our two-day adventure will take place mainly in the protected natural port created by the coasts of Poros, Methana and the coastline of northeastern Argolida.

Sea Kayaking is a modern, safe and easy way to travel around Poros exploring its coastline. No previous experience is required as our trained escorts take care of our familiarity and are permanently presents to give advice.

We ecplore the neighboring islands nexto to Galatas and cross the narrow strait of Poros. We visit the port of Love and other fantastic beaches of the island with the destination of the Temple of Poseidon and